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The 2022 Real Time Streaming Hackathon is a call to developers and multidisciplinary profiles around the world to create an interactive streaming application to promote and leverage Ant Media Server usage.


Real-Time Streaming Hackathon – Create an interactive streaming application with the Ant Media Server.


The Hackathon will bring together talented developers, coders, and multidisciplinary profiles, to compete in an online hackathon to develop new features to the Ant Media platform so that such solutions can be part of their digitalization journey.


The Facilitator (the “Facilitator”) of the Hackathon is Kreativdistrikt S.r.l. ​(hereafter also “KDKT”), ​registered office via F. Petrarca 22, 20123 Milano, VAT code and Fiscal Code 09829520965. 

Client (the “Client”) and Prize Provider (the “Prize Provider”): Ant Media, 2196 Third Ave, PMB 20065, New York, NY 10035 USA, (hereinafter collectively the “Client”).

The Client and the Sponsor may be collectively referred to as “we”. 


The Hackathon will start on the 19th of November and will end on the 20th of November with the Award Ceremony. 

Initial registration period // 1st of October from 00:01 CET through 18 of November 23:00 CET

Live session – challenge introduction and starter-kit delivery // 12th of November at 16:00 CET

Hackathon period // 19th of November from 9:00 CET through 20th of November 12:00 CET

First milestone upload // 19 November @ 11:00

Second milestone upload // 19 November @ 14:00

Project submission deadline // 20th of November 11:59 CET

Demo presentation & judging period // 20th of November from 15:00 CET

Award ceremony // 20th of November at 17:00 CET


  • teams up to 5 participants or individuals;

VOID WHERE PROHIBITED: Afghanistan; Angola; Armenia; Azerbaijan; Belarus; Central African Republic; China; Côte d’Ivoire; Cuba; the Democratic Republic of the Congo; Egypt; Eritrea; Guinea; Guinea Bissau; Haiti; Iran; Iraq; Kurdistan; Lebanon; Liberia; Libya; Moldova; Myanmar; North Korea; Sierra Leone; Somalia; Sudan; Suriname; Tunisia; Ukraine; Zimbabwe


  1. Register on the form that you will find on our website www.hackathon.antmedia.io
  2. Form a team by bringing in your own teammates or join the discussion and find a team. You may also participate on your own.
  3. Participate in the Hackathon by completing the milestones that will be announced during the Hackathon
  4. Win up to $10,000 in prizes


Hackathon Finalists must submit proposals that have a certain degree of completion in terms of code and/or documentation so that the jury can evaluate the potential and the benefits of the solution proposed. The more complete the solution is regarding the criteria described below in this document, the higher the scoring will be. Participants are welcome to accompany their proposals with videos or recordings if that helps to better understand their proposals.     


Build an interactive streaming video source/application with the help of the Ant Media Server.

Use your creativity and put together a great streaming video source focusing on any topic you may like. There is no limit to the use of your creativity. 

Once you register you will receive a starter kit with all the information you need in order to get acquainted and use the AMS. 

Attendees will make 5 mins of presentation* on the last day of the hackathon to Judges to cover the following topics:

  1. What does this project do
  2. PoC
  3. If it is a web-based application, the attendee needs to send us a WAR file
  4. If it is a mobile application, the attendee will send us APK for Android, and a related file for IOS
  5. Applications will be owned by the attendees

* Presentations will be recorded.


Please provide your submission materials in English. Submissions in other languages won’t be accepted.


The Ant Media Hackathon project partners have the right to use the foreground knowledge generated during the hackathon. You agree that all submissions are considered public domain. 


Teams selected to participate in the final demo with the judges should select a speaker and inform KDKT. They will be granted access to a platform where they will make a 3 mins presentation to Judges and answer questions from them for 2 minutes. Not all the teams have a place grated to the final demo session.


An evaluation panel composed of members from Ant Media will evaluate the submissions taking into account the following criteria:

  1. ready to use the app; 
  2. proved concept (user actions need to be correctly affected the stream);
  3. creative/innovator features;
  4. the more interactive the better;
  5. user-friendly user interface.
  6. Open source

The judges will meet after the event to deliberate and select the top 3 winners following these criteria. In case of a tie, they will add an extra point for originality. The Client reserves the right to extend the winner’s announcement time.


  • 1st prize: US$5,000
  • 2nd prize: US$3,000
  • 3rd prize: US$2,000


The Sponsor will not award a Prize if there are no eligible Submissions entered in the Hackathon, or if there are no eligible Participants or Submissions for a specific Prize. 

Monetary prizes will be mailed and payable to the winning Participant’s address by the Prize Provider (as an individual). When not possible to receive a cash prize because of determined laws of the country of residence, the Prize Provider will provide a voucher of the same prices valid in said country.


The Sponsor is fully entitled to shorten, extend, modify or cancel the Hackathon in any manner it deems fit without incurring any liability to the Participants. The Sponsor is fully entitled to disqualify a Participant or a team that does not abide by these Terms & Conditions or acts in any way deemed inappropriate by the Sponsor.

The Sponsor shall not be responsible, and assume no liability, for (i) lost, misdirected, or late submissions; (ii) electronic transmission errors; (iii) theft, destruction, change of, or unauthorized, access to submissions; (iv) technical problems, malfunctions or errors in the operation of any hardware or software which is necessary for the transmission of submissions or for the procedure of the Hackathon, including computer viruses and

bugs, or for manipulations, unauthorized access, scams, overload of the Internet or a website or any combinations of these, nor for other causes not subject to the inspection by the Sponsor and the respective subsidiaries and branches of the Sponsor. In case any of the above should occur, the Sponsor retains the right, in its sole discretion, to adjust, change, postpone or cancel the Hackathon in any manner it deems fit, or to take any other action it deems appropriate, including, without limitation, disqualifying any Participant who wrongfully causes any of the above to occur. The Sponsor reserves all rights to recover damages and to take any resources that may be available to it against any such Participant.

Participants who are employees of a corporation, government agency, or academic institution are responsible for ensuring that their participation complies with any policies their respective corporation, agency or institution may have regarding participation in Hackathons such as the Hackathon. If the Sponsor has reason to believe that a Participant violated any such internal policies, the Sponsor reserves the right to prohibit the Participant from participating in the Hackathon or receiving a prize at any time. The Sponsor assumes no liability and is not responsible for any disputes arising between a Participant and his/her employer with respect to participation in the Hackathon.

This Agreement shall be governed by, performed, and interpreted according to the law of the USA, without regard to choice of law or conflict of law rules. The parties establish that for any future disputes relating to the interpretation, execution, or resolution of this agreement, the Court of the USA will have exclusive jurisdiction. 

All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation, and enforceability of these Official Rules, or the rights and obligations of the Participants and the Sponsor in connection with the Hackathon, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with, the laws of the Court of USA.


When participating in this Hackathon, you accept and agree to our Privacy Policy located here https://kreativdistrikt.com/privacy-disclaimer/  


The Sponsor reserves the right to verify the validity of submissions, as well as their compliance with these Terms and Conditions, and to disqualify any Participant who interferes in any way with the entry process or who submits an entry that is not in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. The Sponsor will not accept any late or misdirected submission. The Sponsor reserves the right to cancel the Hackathon and/or cancel or amend the awards if it deems in its sole discretion that there is an insufficient number of Participants.

Disqualification of any Participant who the Sponsor has reason to believe has breached any of these Terms and Conditions or has engaged in any unlawful or other improper conduct shall be at the Sponsor’s sole discretion. The Sponsor’s decision in relation to any and all aspects of the Hackathon is final and binding on every Participant and there shall be no appeal or review process for any such decision.

The Sponsor is not responsible for (i) any problems or technical malfunctions of any telephone network or lines, computer or online systems, servers, providers, computer equipment, software, or any technical problems or traffic congestion on the Internet or any website, delay or error in postal service, or any combination thereof; (ii) any incorrect or inaccurate information caused by any equipment or programming associated with, or used in, this Hackathon, or any technical error, including any omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, mobile or satellite network failure, theft, destruction, unauthorized access or alteration of entries, or any combination thereof. 

The Sponsor assumes no liability and is not responsible for any injury or damage to a Participant’s or any other person’s electronic device resulting from participation in this Hackathon or downloading any Data as part thereof. In the Hackathon of war, terrorism, economic sanctions, riots, fires, natural disaster, or any other state of emergency or act of God, the Sponsor reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Hackathon or take any other action it deems fit with respect to the Hackathon without any liability.




The results of the Hackathon will be showcased at the end of the Award Ceremony, on Sunday 20th of November.


The organizer reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions and to add and/or remove any provisions from these Terms and Conditions at any time (including before and during the Hackathon), for any reason and in any manner it deems fit.

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Initial registration period

1st of October (00:01 am CET) through 18 of November (23:00 pm CET)

Hackathon period

19th of November (9:00 am CET) through 20th of November (12:00 pm CET)

Project submission deadline

20th of November, 11:59 am CET

Judging period

20th of November from 12:00 pm CET through the 23rd of November at 6:00 pm CET

Winners announced

25th of November at 12:00 pm CET